Finished Projects

Social Media, Virtual Event & Impact Strategy

Boxed In 24-Hour Virtual Event

Boxed In

BOXED IN is an experiential social media event: a 24-hour “live” stream from an abandoned cell at Eastern State Penitentiary, the birthplace of solitary confinement in the United States. No humans are in the stream- -just a camera pointed at a wall.

Every hour, a new quote from a solitary survivor is “etched” into the wall, illustrating the harsh reality of life for those in solitary and the long term, harmful effects solitary has on individuals. Survivors of solitary and other solitary experts will also be on the livestream chat at various times throughout the stream.

To transition between the hours, there will be audio recordings of letters from solitary confinement. While sounds, testimonials, and stories are interwoven, the feeds don’t leave the cell for 24 hours giving viewers a feeling of intense discomfort and claustrophobia.

See the full social media presskit here.

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Parkland, Florida's Camp Shine

Shine MSD

The students who were involved in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, Florida needed to start to heal. SHINE MSD, a non-profit born from the tragedy, wanted to help heal the community through the arts after their two daughters wrote their song SHINE (as played on CNN TownHall), and found comfort in performing.

Invited by the Oz Effect to help run a ground-breaking summer program called Camp Shine, Lady Who was also involved with their ongoing strategy for social media. Designed and run by leading national creative arts therapists, the camp helped students discover their unique voices through music, theatre, and visual arts while making much needed connections with their peers. Online, we developed an anonymous way for students to share feelings and garner outreach.

We not only connected and introduced the lead therapist to the program, we developed a guidebook for future schools who would (unfortunately) go through the same trauma. We led their social media & grass-roots marketing campaigns to find students who were in need of help.  We were able to increase their fundraising through the social media programs, as well as find more students to take part, encourage active sharing of trauma and create a safe-space online in times of need.

A VOICE TO LISTEN: In moments of distress, we used Instagram Stories to let students share their stories of grief, and we had a therapist on the other end to reach back out.

A PLACE TO SHARE: If students weren’t able to come to the camp classes, we encouraged them to share their creativity online. Students developed dozens of new songs, pieces of art, poems and writings to share with the other students.

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Beauty Brand


L'Oréal Paris

Lady Who worked with Prodigious to create a series of influencer TikTok videos for L'Oréal Paris to promote their new lip products across Europe. We developed the storyboards for TikTok architecture and the strategy for this campaign.

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Social Media Strategy

Let the Little Light Shine

Independent Film

Independent Documentary "LET THE LITTLE LIGHT SHINE" by Kevin Shaw, had just got funding by ITVS, and was in need of a social media strategy to promote the film once it debuted in film festivals and on PBS. Lady Who developed a six month long strategy that focused on three main objectives with this social media strategy: 

  1. to raise awareness of the film, 
  2. to raise awareness of the issues in the film. 
  3. to create a community of like-minded people who want to become their own heroes.  

Within each of these objectives, we focused the strategy on gaining not just followers, but loyal fans who will advocate on the behalf of the issues in the film, as well as spread through word of mouth their passion for the film itself. We created content pillars, focusing on the WHY, WHO, HOW, WHERE, WHAT & WHEN of the film. There were so many characters and moving parts, it was important to break down the focus for the audience to celebrate the story, educate them on the issues at hand, take action and eventually, become the promoters of the film itself.

We also worked with the director to create the best poster for the film.

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Social Media Playbook & Content Guidebook

Nestle's Wunda Milk


Nestlé launched a new pea-based milk alternative in the busy international market, and they were looking for a strategic partner to help create the launch strategy, the copy, and the brand guidebook and playbook. Their agency hired, Prodigious, hired Lady Who to focus on making an accessible document to navigate the WUNDA® social media world, in order to create brand consistency, and ownability across all social platforms. We also helped to understand how to measure success, speak to our audience, and which formats to use.

Lady Who Productions was hired by Prodigious, Nestle's agency, to create this playbook, as well as the concept for the pea.

The 193-page guidebook included: competitive analysis, brand identity, identifying target audiences, channel approach, defining editorial pillars, best practices, partnerships and influencer recommendations, an annual content calendar with key dates and benchmarks

Finally, creatively, we developed the concept of the tiny pea who believed he could become a super hero to change the world.
We told the pea WUNDA’s story through mentors in the form of recipes, allies in the form of sustainability practices, rewards in the form of good- tasting smoothies and proteins. The hero is resurrected by reducing greenhouse emissions and carbon footprints.

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Short Film

Raging Cult


Lady Who Productions produced, wrote and handled post production for this angry short film.

This film won 9 awards at various film festivals.

Agoraphobe Sandra literally lives her life through social media. She's angry at all the smiling women online - why aren't they as angry at men, the world, everything as she is? She enlists her friend Molly to start a cult of feminine rage to get women to start showing their beautiful, irate faces.

Meagan Adele Lopez - Director/Producer
Jackie Teboul - Cinematographer
Helen Cusack O'Keeffe - Art Director
Volant Neli - 1st AC, Editor
Raphaël Monnin - Sound Engineer
Raphaël Fourgeaud - Gaffer & Additional Camera
Charity Bowman - Continuity Supervisor
Céline Mellot - Makeup Artist
Sidney Billon - Makeup Artist
Louise Condiescu - Runner

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Music Video


Electric Pop

Lady Who Productions produced Clara-Nova's summer hit: Electric in Paris, France, and created the social media campaign around it.

From the Director: "Lady Who Productions is a team of fierce creatives whose passion, drive, and absolute joy in the process make them a dream come true collaborator. Let's be honest, a large part of the creative process isn't that "creative," it's budgeting, it's fundraising, it's emailing, it's coordinating, it's making lists and crossing them off. The founder, Meagan, is one of those rare people who understands that it is all necessary to put great work out there. She brings excitement and dedication to every role she takes on. After working in the film industry for many years, I know how rare this is. I found her to be both deeply personal and completely selfless in her work - a rare and powerful combination. Any production with Meagan at the helm is destined to succeed."

About the music video: "Something about the oncoming summer seems to have the whole music world buzzing with excitement and anticipation: Everywhere you turn, there sprouts another love song, and Los Angeles artist CLARA-NOVA is no exception: Her anthemic song “Electric” basks in the euphoric spark of budding love, capturing the moments that take your breath away with a refreshing indulgence of blissful alt-pop energy."

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Social Media Strategy & Content Creation

Coded Bias

Independent Film

PROBLEM: The Emmy-nominated Film, CODED BIAS, had already won several awards and was critically acclaimed everywhere it was released, but it had no online presence. There were no social media handles, no followers or even a website.

IMPLEMENTATION: Lady Who created, developed and iterated the social media marketing strategy from the ground up. We managed the creation and development of the website. We launched an ad campaign to increase followers and send people to theaters. We developed the social media guide, tone of voice, press kit and toolkit for partners, film festivals and non-profits.

RESULT: In less than three months, we increased followers on all social media platforms by 15,529 new followers. In October, our follower count increased 154% from the previous month.

We were able to share huge wins across a growing number of followers on social media to promote legislative changes on the use of facial recognition technology, and when Amazon, Facebook, IBM all paused their facial recognition technology, we were one of the first accounts to share this information. When Netflix bought the film, they used the content base we had developed for the press kit on social media as theirs.

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In Production

Creative Advertising Strategy

The Olympics: Paris 2024


Lady Who handles the entire creative strategy, copy and storyboards for advertisements on, TikTok, Snapchat, Meta, UAC and programmatic across the entire world leading up to the Paris 2024 Olympics in collaboration with Publicis Groupe.

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Through the Eyes of Others

Independent Film

THROUGH THE EYES OF OTHERS follows eleven graduates of the Baltimore School for the Arts as they reflect on the meaning of success and if they've given up on their dreams as they prepare for their 20 year high school reunion. Through the eyes of this dynamic and diverse cast, we dig deep into addiction, trauma, mental illness, family relationships, racism, privilege, motherhood, and infertility while taking a critical look at the notions of success, purpose, and meaning in our lives. This is a film that asks, can we awaken our sleeping dreams together?

The women behind the project are a diverse team of credentialed and successful producers and directors.  They've created and produced hundreds of hours of television, won awards for our TV series and films, and have worked at executive levels with organizations such as Disney, The New York Times, Publicis Groupe, Discovery Networks, and Johns Hopkins University.

The film was chosen for the Saul Zaentz Innovation Lab, as well as won an award from the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund, and received 3 separate grants from the Maryland State Arts Council. We are fiscally sponsored by The Film Collaborative, a 501(c)3 organization, and the Baltimore Sun is looking to develop a feature on our project.

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Social Media Strategy & Video Production

Algorithmic Justice League


AJL is a research and advocacy organization with a mission to prevent AI harms and increase accountability in the use of AI systems.

The Algorithmic Justice League was looking to amplify their social media platform, create content that spoke to their audience of dedicated facial recognition and algorithmic justice advocates and promoted their research in easily, digestible ways. We have worked together on continuous campaigns highlighting AI Harms and AI Biases.

PROJECTS INCLUDE (but not limited to):

  • #InPlaneSight: Freedom Flight Summer: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has expanded facial recognition technology to at least 25 airports across the U.S. Thousands of people daily are feeling forced to decide whether to travel or safeguard the privacy of their faces. With a dozen articles written about this activism piece, as well as a meeting at the White House, Lady Who was involved with creating the campaign playbook, the launch videos across all mediums as well as igniting influencers, and launching a social media presskit.
  • Campaign: Lady Who developed and created over three hundred pieces of content, a three-episode parody web series. We created a Social Media Presskit for partners to share as it was released and to create a waterfall effect.
  • Beloved Community Change Agent Pre-Show - Lady Who Productions produced the pre-show honoring Dr. Joy Buolamwini. “The Beloved Community Awards recognizes national and /or international individuals and corporations/organizations that exemplify excellence in leadership; pursue the universal quest for social justice and worldwide peace in the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr.; and have made notable strides toward improving the quality of life for all.”
  • Bug Bounties for Algorithmic Harms? In "Bug Bounties For Algorithmic Harms? Lessons from Cybersecurity Vulnerability Disclosure for Algorithmic Harms Discovery, Disclosure, and Redress," AJL researchers dive deep into the question "How might we apply BBPs to areas beyond cybersecurity, including algorithmic harm?"  AJL Landing Page: Lady Who developed the explainer video “AJL Report: Bug Bounties for Algorithmic Harms?”

Lady Who Productions has an ongoing contract with this client, and continues to work alongside AJL.

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Social Media & Video Production

Unlock the Box


(Lady Who Productions has a continuing partnership with Unlock the Box.)


is the United States’ national campaign to end solitary confinement in prisons. The goal of this launch was for Unlock the Box to make a public pivot with its rebranding and to gather data over 18 days that informs future actions for the organization. The end goal was to get sign-ups/gather email addresses, motivate people to follow UTB’s social accounts, drive people to the new site, and (most importantly) to inspire people to take action.  A secondary mission was to provide a centralized space for the 18 campaign partners to promote their national calls to actions and agendas. This created the framework for building the international survivor and activist network.  

Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in solitary confinement and famously said, “I found solitary confinement the most forbidding aspect of prison life. There is no end and no beginning…” In honor of Mandela’s birthday, on July 18th, UTB launched the #ENDTORTURENOW campaign, an 18 day social media launch that celebrated their 18 campaign partners and called on the public to participate in 18 Days of Action.  Each day featured unique calls to action distributed via UTB’s various social media accounts and on the accounts of UTB’s campaign partners. In addition to the 18 calls to action, one state campaign partner per day was featured. The 18 days of action led up to a final tentpole event: The National Day of Action where we hosted a live event with the singer Fiona Apple.

150% Increase in social media followers, 300 email subscribers, 40% open rate, 360 officials were contacted. On Twitter, the Nonprofit industry average engagement rate is 0.055% (
according to RivalIQ’s 2021 Social Media Benchmarks). @UnlocktheBoxNow had an engagement rate of 1.9% during the 18-day period, and now is still above average at 1.6%. This is 2,809% higher the industry average.

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In Development

New Job Hire

HIRING: Content Strategist & Creator (FR/EN)

Lady Who Productions

Company Description

LadyWho Productions, Inc. is a digital storytelling and film production house based in the South of France & in Paris, but we have prestigious clients in the United States and in Europe. We specialize in social media strategy, content development, brand voice and tone, online event productions, and targeted advertising campaigns.

Role Description

For SEO sake, we have to call it a "Content Strategist" but truly, we are seeking what we call a "Storyteller" who specializes in the, sometimes we will call you a "Digital Storyteller". You have a flair for creativity and ideas, but are grounded in the practical application of them across the various mediums. You understand audiences, brand voice and marketing 101. And, you have a desire to grow within the company. We seek longterm partnerships all around.

This role is ideal for someone who has a background in writing, understands the basics of design (Canva is OK), and has an interest in cinema. You have a proven track record of growing social media accounts, and while you're at it, you have experience in video editing. This role is client-facing to some high-profile clients.

Lady Who merges digital storytelling with filmmaking - so ideally this is you too!

The ideal candidate is an English speaker who is also fluent in French.

This is a full-time role working mostly remote, but we will meet once a month in the South of France near Narbonne or Toulouse (depending on what works best).

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement content strategies for clients in the US and Europe.
  • Create engaging and impactful content across various digital platforms.
  • Write compelling copy for different media, ensuring a consistent brand voice.
  • Design visually appealing graphics and presentations (leaning on our graphic designer when needed).
  • Edit videos to produce high-quality content that resonates with client's audience.
  • Collaborate with the team and freelancers to bring creative ideas to life.
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and continuously seek ways to innovate and improve our content offerings.


  • 3-4 years+ of experience in content creation, strategy, or a related field.
  • Proven copywriting skills with a portfolio of previous work (no, AI doesn't count).
  • Basic design skills and experience.
  • Some video editing experience.
  • English speaker with professional level of French.
  • Passion for storytelling
  • A keen interest in film and cinema a plus.
  • Strong understanding of digital media and content trends.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in the film production industry is a plus

Why Join Us:

  • Opportunity for growth within the company.
  • Work in a supportive, creative, and passionate company and clients.
  • Flexible location, with a preference for candidates based in Europe (South of France or Spain is a bonus).
  • Opportunity to work on diverse projects with clients from different industries (check out our website for more info).
  • A company culture that values you.

How to Apply:

If you are excited about this opportunity and believe you have the skills and passion to excel in this role, please send your resume, a short cover letter outlining your ideal career (we want to know where you want to go! The idea is to create a partnership not just a job!), and a small portfolio of your work, as well as your expectation of salary to courtney at ladywho dot com.

Please note - emailing is an essential part of the application process to ensure you are reading all the way to the bottom, and have attention to details. :)

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TV Series

Ready to Connect

Lady Who Productions

LOGLINE: Three co-dependent misfit expat friends navigate their own trauma in the foreign yet familiar seedy underground of Paris years following the November 13th attacks. Hattie, the main protagonist, a broken, tender street artist concerned with making art to spread love, desperately seeks all the wrong connections but when her raison d’être gets threatened by a rival, she hits the streets to save her reputation and herself to ultimately find out that the rival is the last person on Earth she would have expected to do such a thing.

A bilingual French-English, yet very British, dark comedy (à la Fleabag). A female Trainspotting meets debauched Parisian Sex and the City, with street art.

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Feature Film

Never Say Je T'Aime

Lady Who Productions

The words "I love you" are cursed for Lily. Every time the words leave her mouth, something goes terribly wrong. She moves out of Paris to a tiny village in the South of France where she will have no chance of ever saying those words again...until she meets him.

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