Social Media Playbook & Content Guidebook

Nestle's Wunda Milk


Nestlé launched a new pea-based milk alternative in the busy international market, and they were looking for a strategic partner to help create the launch strategy, the copy, and the brand guidebook and playbook. Their agency hired, Prodigious, hired Lady Who to focus on making an accessible document to navigate the WUNDA® social media world, in order to create brand consistency, and ownability across all social platforms. We also helped to understand how to measure success, speak to our audience, and which formats to use.

Lady Who Productions was hired by Prodigious, Nestle's agency, to create this playbook, as well as the concept for the pea.

The 193-page guidebook included: competitive analysis, brand identity, identifying target audiences, channel approach, defining editorial pillars, best practices, partnerships and influencer recommendations, an annual content calendar with key dates and benchmarks

Finally, creatively, we developed the concept of the tiny pea who believed he could become a super hero to change the world.
We told the pea WUNDA’s story through mentors in the form of recipes, allies in the form of sustainability practices, rewards in the form of good- tasting smoothies and proteins. The hero is resurrected by reducing greenhouse emissions and carbon footprints.

WUNDA®has been developed to empower the moderate, mainstream consumer on their quest to plant-based positivity.