Music Video


Electric Pop

Lady Who Productions produced Clara-Nova's summer hit: Electric in Paris, France, and created the social media campaign around it.

From the Director: "Lady Who Productions is a team of fierce creatives whose passion, drive, and absolute joy in the process make them a dream come true collaborator. Let's be honest, a large part of the creative process isn't that "creative," it's budgeting, it's fundraising, it's emailing, it's coordinating, it's making lists and crossing them off. The founder, Meagan, is one of those rare people who understands that it is all necessary to put great work out there. She brings excitement and dedication to every role she takes on. After working in the film industry for many years, I know how rare this is. I found her to be both deeply personal and completely selfless in her work - a rare and powerful combination. Any production with Meagan at the helm is destined to succeed."

About the music video: "Something about the oncoming summer seems to have the whole music world buzzing with excitement and anticipation: Everywhere you turn, there sprouts another love song, and Los Angeles artist CLARA-NOVA is no exception: Her anthemic song “Electric” basks in the euphoric spark of budding love, capturing the moments that take your breath away with a refreshing indulgence of blissful alt-pop energy."

“Electric” is CLARA-NOVA’s most buoyant track to date, propelled by dazzling synths and bubbling guitars that fill the soundscape with warmth.