Social Media Strategy & Video Production

Algorithmic Justice League


AJL is a research and advocacy organization with a mission to prevent AI harms and increase accountability in the use of AI systems.

The Algorithmic Justice League was looking to amplify their social media platform, create content that spoke to their audience of dedicated facial recognition and algorithmic justice advocates and promoted their research in easily, digestible ways. We have worked together on continuous campaigns highlighting AI Harms and AI Biases.

PROJECTS INCLUDE (but not limited to):

  • #InPlaneSight: Freedom Flight Summer: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has expanded facial recognition technology to at least 25 airports across the U.S. Thousands of people daily are feeling forced to decide whether to travel or safeguard the privacy of their faces. With a dozen articles written about this activism piece, as well as a meeting at the White House, Lady Who was involved with creating the campaign playbook, the launch videos across all mediums as well as igniting influencers, and launching a social media presskit.
  • Campaign: Lady Who developed and created over three hundred pieces of content, a three-episode parody web series. We created a Social Media Presskit for partners to share as it was released and to create a waterfall effect.
  • Beloved Community Change Agent Pre-Show - Lady Who Productions produced the pre-show honoring Dr. Joy Buolamwini. “The Beloved Community Awards recognizes national and /or international individuals and corporations/organizations that exemplify excellence in leadership; pursue the universal quest for social justice and worldwide peace in the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr.; and have made notable strides toward improving the quality of life for all.”
  • Bug Bounties for Algorithmic Harms? In "Bug Bounties For Algorithmic Harms? Lessons from Cybersecurity Vulnerability Disclosure for Algorithmic Harms Discovery, Disclosure, and Redress," AJL researchers dive deep into the question "How might we apply BBPs to areas beyond cybersecurity, including algorithmic harm?"  AJL Landing Page: Lady Who developed the explainer video “AJL Report: Bug Bounties for Algorithmic Harms?”

Lady Who Productions has an ongoing contract with this client, and continues to work alongside AJL.

Technology should serve all of us. Not just the privileged few.