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The Lady Who

Meagan Adele Lopez

Behind the Scenes of "Through the Eyes of Others" Film

Meet Meagan Adele Lopez: a Cuban-American who has created a career telling stories intersecting technology, creativity and communications. Her work has appeared or been written about in the BBC, The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Next Web, Elite Daily, among others. She is an entrepreneur with a diverse background encompassing corporate, start-ups, film and storytelling.

Meagan's journey began with a passion for theatre, honed through studies at Baltimore School for the Arts, La Sorbonne, L’école Florent and the University of Southern California. Her career was launched in the world of film and television casting, contributing to productions like Wanted (Universal), Juno (Fox Searchlight), The Day the Earth Stood Still (Twentieth Century Fox), X-Files 2 (Twentieth Century Fox), Medium & Numb3rs (CBS).

Fueled by a fascination for cutting-edge technology and a love for storytelling, Meagan ventured into digital marketing. In 2010, she co-founded one of the nation's first social media marketing agencies in Chicago. Following the acquisition of the company, she went on to help build Publicis Groupe's VivaKi fastest growing social media ad buying arm, and then was moved to London with them to do the same. The New York Times hired her as their Global Digital Business Director out of Paris. She oversaw teams in Hong Kong, London and Paris, managing advertising operations, media planning and digital product development.

Seeking to merge her passions for film and digital storytelling, Meagan founded Lady Who Productions. The story behind the name "Lady Who" can be discovered in her Twitter thread.

She’s written books, plays, produced and directed films and developed concepts for hundreds of online brand campaigns.

You can find her @meagan on Twitter and @meaganadelelopez on Instagram.